Dear backgammon lovers, for those who don't want to wait for a custom luxury backgammon board to be made, we offer three variations of the Classic model, ready to assemble and ship.  On this site you can choose and order one of them today!

      The body of the boards, the handle and the cups are made of popular woods that are distinguished by high strength and beautiful texture - oak, ash and maple.  The color combinations of the playing fields are selected from the most popular of all previously sold boards.  Accessories are selected according to the same principle.  Nevertheless, the "Law No. 1" of the PRIMO brand remains unchanged - the highest quality of every detail and the entire set as a whole.

     Luxury backgammon sets builder

     For those fans of our favorite game who want to personally participate in the creation and possess a unique custom-made luxury backgammon board model, we recommend that you go to the page "Create Online Backgammon Boards". We are confident that you will be proud to be a co-author of your own PRIMO board.