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Luxury backgammon boards & sets

Welcome to PRIMO.

Here you can create your own backgammon boards or buy a limited edition luxury backgammon board. Choose from a wide variety of wood species, numerous lid material color options and a huge selection of design fields, we will help you quickly and easily create your dream board.  We guarantee the production of backgammon boards of the highest precision and quality.  We are sure that your unique creation will become your pride and joy.

     The size and proportions of the board were developed after studying numerous sources and discussions with players on the forums, as well as interviewing all those with whom we managed to communicate personally.

Handmade custom backgammon sets

     In the manufacture of frames from boards, only selected and exotic woods coated with special organic oils are used.

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     For the production of playing fields, we choose a special fabric made of 100% polyester after trial testing more than a dozen different materials.

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     We also include only the highest quality checkers (made in Italy) and premium, balanced and numbered dice certified for accuracy.

We really hope that PRIMO boards will become a true asset, pride and a sign of high prestige for our customers.

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