PRIMO "LV" Luxury Backgammon Board Set "Master" Mod. - (22 1/4", Wood, Authentic LV cover)


 The PRIMO company has the honor to offer everyone an excellent luxury handmade backgammon board of the "Master" model.

The board is made from the most valuable and popular selected Mahogany wood and authentic LV pattern board cover. As always, the board is unique. As always, the world's best checkers made of impact-resistant acrylic from the Italian company Zaza & Sacci. Polyacrylic playing field on neoprene lining with sublimation printing for design. The world's best and most reliable concealed hinges from SOSS and brass inserts for the original wood handle. All wooden parts are finished with three coats of organic linseed oil.

   One of the world's finest custom backgammon boards is now available for production. 

Product Dimensions:

  22 1/4 x 14 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches (closed case)


- Handmade. Made in USA.

- Mahogany wood for the body, cups & handle.

- Authentic LV pattern board cover

- SOSS hidden hinges, numeric locks for luxury cases, polished mounts and brass handle holders.

- Checkers made of impact-resistant acrylic of the Italian company Zaza & Sacci. Checkers (size) - 1 3/4in. x 3/8in. Two doubling cubes. Precision, numbered and balanced dice "Novodice". Dice size - 9/16.

100% moisture resistant. The wood is covered with three layers of organic linseed oil.

- The playing field can be washed with neutral soap and water. To find out the additional details of wet cleaning contact us via email.


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