PRIMO "Croco" Luxury Backgammon Board Set "Master" Mod - (22 1/4" Croco Style Genuine Leather Cover)


We present you the limited edition PRIMO "ChocoCroco" backgammon board. 

The "ChocoCroco" backgammon boards is made from a unique wood produced using a special drying technology.  The wood is not inferior in beauty to the famous ebony, but has a unique chocolate color and is much lighter than many exotic woods. 

The wood is 100% unpainted. 

The "ChocoCroco"  has the most reliable hinges from the SOSS brand, three-number locks for luxury cases and new handles and cups made of natural wood () from the PRIMO brand. Polished checkers made of impact-resistant acrylic by the Italian brand Zaza & Sacci, doubling cubes and balanced numbered cubes Novodice will give the owner of the board real pleasure from your favorite games.

Product Dimensions:

  22 1/4 x 14 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches (closed case)


- Handmade. Made in USA.

Wood for the body, cups & handle.

- 100% Polyester fabric for the field with sublimation printing and with neoprene underlayment.

- SOSS hidden hinges, numeric locks for luxury cases, polished mounts and brass handle holders.

- Checkers made of impact-resistant acrylic of the Italian company Zaza & Sacci. Checkers (size) - 1 3/4in. x 3/8in. Two doubling cubes. Precision, numbered and balanced dice "Novodice". Dice size - 9/16.

100% moisture resistant. The wood is covered with three layers of organic linseed oil.

- The playing field can be washed with neutral soap and water. To find out the additional details of wet cleaning contact us via email.

Production Time 10-12 Business Days

Shiping (Processing Time): 3-5 days

$2 995

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